About Us

We’ve always considered ourselves as company with crystal clear vision and purpose at our very core. Always have. Always will. In fact, when we were just getting our vision for DelicateMe off the ground back in 2012, we had it so green, so fresh, yet no one could think we would have it turned into something so big and influential, something worth working our 7th sweats off. And we were spared no lesson of selling or advertising products or any of store things—from how to offer the product to your customers or how to advertise it, especially when thing come to online fundamentals. And now, having lived so much time, customers and items, we're so sure that offering value has been built right into the core of our unity as a company from the beginning. Build for the long run to offer unique items that last, that stay, that never get thrown away—value that changes lives.
Our Story
In 2011, we were having a dinner with my family and mom started a conversation on how difficult and time consuming it is to spend so much time in markets searching for products for kitchen, bath and households overall and spend countless hours choosing the perfect one. At that point in time, the seed of the idea was placed in my head and slowly started growing. Initially the idea was to help mom with her periodical searching days and make the process easy and joyful.
Our Mission
Life is about making difficult choices and the ones that have always served me best have been based on doing something based on a strong emotional connection. So I managed to balance my job as a banker and share my time and attention on making this idea become alive. I launched a company in my hometown first as the means of the collection of most unique and unusual items just for neighborhood, yet important things always find its way to outgrow its potential, thus, we as DelicateMe expanded to the city, countywide and started operating online as well to share our findings with the rest of the World. Since we keep getting amazing feedbacks from our customers, I believe that our dinner conversation with mom about those issues had some special purpose.